Scheduler - dates in new events

When i create a new event, i.e. from day 25 to day 26 dragging the mouse, the start date is set to day 25, 00:05:00 , and the end date to day 27. How can i fix this? Thanks

When you are creating the new event on “day” or “week” view - the start time is related to start point of drag
When new event is created by drag on the “month” view - the start time is always 00:00
When new event is created by double-click on the “month” view - the start time is 0:00 , the end time is the same day + minimum time span ( 5 minutes by default )

There is no scenario, where event , created on the month view, has start time different from 00:00

If issue still occurs for you - please provide any kind of sample or demo link where it can be reconstructed.

Thanks for yous fast response. You are right regarding the time at 00:05:00, forget this , please. I just saw that in your samples, the month view does the same thing it does in my scheduler. I drag from day 25 to day 26 , and the date is set to day 25 and day 27 in the thickbox, not day 26. I test it with :

                var sd=scheduler.getEvent(id).start_date;
                var ed=scheduler.getEvent(id).end_date;

And the end day is day 27 at 00:00:00.

is this ok?


If you start drag from “25” and release it , when mouse is on the “26” - the dragged bar will cover two days. So it will have a midnight of 25 as start date and midnight of 27 as end date ( so it takes full 26, and ends on zero second of 27 )

If you want to have one day event you need to start drag on 25 , move to 26, and back to 25 - as result event bar will cover only one day ( not very user-friendly way of event creation, most probably will be improved in next versions )

I see your point now. Thanks