Scheduler deletions

I had deletions of recurring events all working and now I have changed something and I cannot remember what it was that I changed.

The event I am getting back when I delete the recurrent event has rec_pattern null and rec_type null - I thought it was supposed to be none??

Can someone give me an overview of how the scheduler takes an event and knows that it is a deleted recurrence again? I went over this … ntheseries
and I am not getting what my problem is for some reason

This is the event I get from the scheduler that is being deleted in the on delete callback … sp=sharing

This is how I am storing the event in the database … sp=sharing

This is the code that loads the data from the database back into the scheduler

 var event;
                                var rec_type;
                                if ((AppointmentList[i].RecType + "" == "undefined") || (AppointmentList[i].RecType + "" == "null"))
                                    rec_type = AppointmentList[i].RecType;
                                var rec_pattern;
                                if ((AppointmentList[i].RecPattern + "" == "undefined") || (AppointmentList[i].RecPattern + "" == "null"))
                                    rec_pattern = AppointmentList[i].RecPattern;
                                if (AppointmentList[i].EventLength == "null")
                                    event_length = null;
                                    start_date: new Date(AppointmentList[i].StartDate),
                                    end_date: new Date(AppointmentList[i].EndDate),
                                    text: AppointmentList[i].Text,
                                    room: AppointmentList[i].Patient,
                                    rec_type: rec_type,
                                    rec_pattern: rec_pattern,
                                    event_pid: AppointmentList[i].EventPid,
                                    event_length: event_length,
                                    DoctorId : AppointmentList[i].DoctorId
                                AppointmentList[i].RecPattern = event.rec_pattern;


yes, deleted record should has “none” in rec_type.
However, from your first screenshot, it seems you are receiving a temporary event i.e. with id of following format - “seriesId#occurrenceTimestamp” - such events should be ignored and not sent to the server.
Most probably right after that the same handler is fired for new record for deleted occurrence, which have it’s own id and correct rec_type/rec_pattern which should be saved.
I.e. be sure to not save events which have ‘#’ character in their ids

I have it now ignoring events with # in them and saving rec_type = none but its still not working. I am willing to pay you to help me. Please I need help asap - can you call me 678 357 3661 and we can set up a team viewer session so that you can work through the code with me to find a resolution to this. We need to go live this weekend. Please help