Scheduler Details Form: Modifying display of custom field

I have the following custom fields and I would like to show a hyperlink for the Agenda URL instead of the filename ONLY when a user is not logged in to WP. I suspect all of this is customizable in the Scheduler plugin Templates tab but I am just not clear on what needs to be coded. This link looked promising … tails_form but it’s still really fuzzy on how to modify the form.

Unfortunately it is not so easy to define different formatting of data for the readonly view of lightbox.
You can include link to the document directly in the event box, it can be done through template

return event.text+"<br><a href='"+event.agenda_url+"'>"+event.agenda_url+"</a>";

Thanks Stanis but that code doesn’t work. It actually returns an empty calendar.

Are you using WP plugin 2.0 or 2.3 ?
Just tried the same config options on local WP installation and it works as expected.

The scheduler.php file shows version 2.0 but I am fairly certain that I downloaded and installed 2.3 from a link provided on this WP/Joomla forum back about 3-4 months ago. WP is showing an updated version of 2.3 as of today and that I have 2.0 installed. Confused.

If I am truly on version 2.0, is there a link to version 2.3? I don’t want to overlay my existing scheduler version in WordPress (Install Update Now) until I have had a chance to modify my code that fits the needs of the customer.