Scheduler doesn't refresh

I am doing a application using the DHTMLX calendar mobile
I’m using a list, and when I select an option they redirect me to the calendar loading the calendar data from a Json
When I use for the first time, it goes well, but when i go back to the list, and select another option, the calendar appears empty
I’m using the multiview sample to charge the data
here they are the functions that im using:

$$(“list_2”).attachEvent(“onafterselect”, function(id) {
var dato = $$(“list_2”).item($$(“list_2”).getSelected());
var grupos = dato.ID_GRUPO;
var today=fecha();
loadEventosScheduler(grupos, today);
return true;

/* this function open the calendar, but only works the first time*/

function loadEventosScheduler(grupos, today) {

										*MYURL*, "json");

/* this is the back to the list button*/
$$(“button6”).attachEvent(“onItemClick”, function(id) {

			return true;

I hope you can help me with a solution =)


We have not reproduced the problem locally. Could you attach examples of two JSON files that are loaded into the scheduler ?

The problem was fixed, I do a bad initialization of the init_date and when i try to reload the scheduler it begins in another data, and i cant view the events

Thanks so much for your time =D