Scheduler - Emailing events

Is there a way, or an additional plugin that will work with Scheduler on a wordpress site to send an email out to all registered users every time an event is added or updated? Basically to do the same as a facebook group does with events, but without using facebook.

Also, is it possible to add images and possibly maps to events?

Jon Dallimore

There was a topic about email notification recently.
It could be useful:

thanks, thats for joomla, will the same code also work in wordpress?

Will this email to all users?

sorry, im new to wordpress. want to try and get it right first time. can that code literally be pasted in? does it just go at the top, or is there a set place for it?

Yep. You can use the same code for Wordpress - they use one base.
To send email to every user you should take all emails using Wordpress API.
You can use this API inside dhtmlxSchedulerConfigurator.php script without any problems.