scheduler, empty


I have the schedule here:

It doesn’t show any events and any other text (works fine on debug mode).
It used to work but I think it stopped working after I updated wordpress.

Thanks for any help.

some incorrect symbol was added inside scheduler’s javascript code. This maybe incompatibility with some plugin or maybe own scheduler’s issue. Try to load scheduler admin page and press Save without any changes. Do you have same specific plugins which may change page content?

Thanks for the reply.

I tried disabling all the other plugins but the calendar is still empty. :frowning:

Have you changed any scheduler options? What if to press Restore button in scheduler admin panel?

I tried restored, still no go. :S

Very weird.

could you provide me ability to edit files in wp-content/plugins/event-calendar-scheduler directory via FTP?

Hey Good Peeps,

Im having same issue with Scheduler on Joomla 2.5.1
Events are there and visible in Scheduler admin, but not visible for public with all the correct access setings.

Creating a new event is visible while logged in to the site frontend & backend, but after logout, event disappears and is not even saved on scheduler.

someone pls help.

Many thanks

could you provide link to scheduler and ability to create/edit events?