Scheduler events enhancement


I would like to suggest some enhancements for the events on the scheduler in ‘Week’ view mode.

  1. Change the cursor to ‘curser:move’ for moving the event. The default cursor you get now is a ‘cursor:pointer’ (which is not commonly used for moving things)

  2. It would be nice that you can resize the event also at the ‘top’ (to make it earlier) not only on the ‘bottom’ (to make it later).

  3. It would be nice that you can move an event by dragging it somewhere between the top and the bottom. You only can drag it on its top now. I have tried to set the class dhx_event_move to the whole event, but then you get some strange behaviour: When you drag the event just above the bottom of the event it first moves to the cursor instead of moving the movement(delta Y) of the cursor.

I hope you can work these out?


Thank you for the feedback.

I believe [1] is arguable but event movement indeed could be improved.

Kind regards,


Do you have got any idea if/when we can expect the movement improvements?


We are considering adding (3) as configurable options
As for (2) it requires relative big code change and currently we do not plan to include such option in the next version.


Is any of these enhancement added to the new version?


Unfortunately nothing from above was implemented in scheduler 3.7


Is any of these enhancement added to the 4.0 ?

Unfortunately, still not implemented
Currently (1) and (2) from above list is not in the plans
(3) will be added in one of the next builds.

Hello Stanislav,

i looked up this topic out of the archive, becuase i am trying to implement exactly the same thing (as a feature, so not that important!): Moving an event while dragging it the whole event (not just the header).

I think this is what [3] means here, right? I am not able to go deep into the code, so i have not realy a clue how to do it, but perhaps it is featured whit touch-extension and i have not get this, yet?!

Would be really cool to expand the dragging area from the header to the whol body, wouldn’t it? Of course, in a final version as a configurable option, because it fits not everyone’s need - i can see that :slight_smile: