Scheduler example/connector does not save with MSSQL server

Scheduler example “01_basic_init.html” works as expected with Mysql. But when I changed the connector to MSsql (sqlsrv) (MSSql 2008 server), then I got a problem.
When running the example, it correctly loads the data from MSSQL into the scheduler, but it refuses to save new or updated events.
I modified “01_basic_init_connector.php” as follows:

<?php // include ('../config.php'); include ('../../codebase/scheduler_connector.php'); include ('../../codebase/db_sqlsrv.php'); $connectionInfo = array( "UID"=>"sa", "PWD"=>"password", "Database"=>"sampledb"); $res = sqlsrv_connect( "(LOCAL)",$connectionInfo ); // $res=mysql_connect($mysql_server,$mysql_user,$mysql_pass); // mysql_select_db($mysql_db); $scheduler = new schedulerConnector($res,"sqlsrv"); //$scheduler->enable_log("log.txt",true); $scheduler->render_table("events","event_id","start_date,end_date,event_name,details"); ? I copied the data from Mysql to MSsql. But the event_id was a normal integer (not a identity field). (Is the increment of the event-id handled automatically?) I tried uncommenting enable_log, but it gave an error: "failed to open stream: Permission denied" Can you please help me what I did wrong? IIS 7.5 / Windows 7 64 bit / MSSQL 2008 Thanks, Koen

In case of MsSQL you need to create event_id as identity field. Connector doesn’t generate new IDs, it expects that new id value will be assigned by database.

As for log error - check that directory has write access ( or set path in enable_log to some writable directory )

Common error in case of MsSQL - it uses the different format for date formatting, so you need to change scheduler.config.xml_format on client side, but if loading works - it must not be your case.