Scheduler flushing problem ( reseting scheduler )

Hi, I have a serious problem with scheduler

What i am doing is… Basically i have a case where i need to update scheduler’s start and last hour on the page.
And then by giving those value from input field which can be accessed by the scheduler INIT() function later.
So it can be only set calendar for starting time i.e 8-12 whatever is inserted in those input fields.

then i’m using clearAll() function and calling initializing function again.

I can see my calendar adjustments now. But the issue then is if i modify calendar after once it was loaded with page load for the first time.
The number of times i press button UPDATE CALENDER which basically recall init function after clearALL() it.
The same number of ajax calls made which inserts events in table for multiple times.

Any help. ?


Unfortunately it is hard to understand what happens in your app. Please reproduce the issue in the snippet system, then click on “Share” button and send me the updated link.
Any steps how to reproduce the described behaviour, screenshots will be very useful.