Scheduler for MVC

The scheduler is working as expected while using Firefox.

When using IE 8 I am getting javascript error in file dhtmlxscheduler_timeline.js.
the error is in the following line:[0]+e+“px”;
the value i[0] is 200 and the value of e is -240.
The calander/timeline are shown but without events.
Any idea?


Can you attach a complete demo that demonstrates the problem please? Timeline seems working with our samples

I forgot to say that I do not see the issue on my development machine. Only when the application runs on the server.
I played a bit with the browser and I found that I get the issue now on my development machine when I set the IE browse Compatibility mode to on.
When the compatibility is off the timeline works fine on IE.

Any Idea?

Scheduler supports IE only in standard mode, so if by compatibility you have mean “IE7 Standard compatibility” - it may be a problem from our side, but if you are using “Quirks” - this mode is not supported.