Scheduler for Tablets

I have been creating a system using your scheduler - the normal 3.5 scheduler, not the specific mobile apps.

Today, I tried to access the webpage containing the schedule via my Android tablet rather than via my laptop, and discovered that much of the functionality will not work with a touch tablet.

For example - it’s impossible to open the lightbox to edit an event, there’s no way to create an event by “touch and drag”, etc, etc.

I saw in the following thread that there had been some plan to add native support for touch devices in Version 3.5, but that this had not actually got completed in time for the 3.5 release.


Are there plans for touch support in the near future?

Is there any touch support in the commercial library versions?

I tried using the mobile demo on a phone and on a tablet and the apps only work properly on a phone - the tablet has much larger screen sizes so everything looks odd.

Is using the mobile version the only way to get touch support? What about sizing for tablet devices?

Any info you could provide would be helpful to me.

In February 2013 we plan to release scheduler 4.0, which will have table support.

Touch support will work for all views and modes of existing scheduler. ( we do not plan to change the look and feel, sizes of “terrace” skin already allows easy manipulation on touch screen) Also we will add few more extension to provide a bit more control and information ( which will be usefull on touch devices )

All above changes will target relative big-screen devices ( 7 and 10 inch tablets ). We do not plan to simplify UI and functionality for small screen phones. ( it will work technically, but will require zooming )

That sounds just what I need, but if I wait for that release before proceeding any further with my existing development, I will need to replan my development projects to fit in with it.

Do you have any idea yet if it will be early or late February?

Any indications that you can give to me would be helpful. Thanks.

While not all functionality is ready yet, if you need it ASAP - I can provide the beta version. (will support double-tap events) Just PM me your contact email.

Thanks, that would be a great help to me.

I am sending you a PM now.

Is there any update on availability of this new release for touch devices?
Stanislav, I will also send you my email so you can send me the beta version.
Thanks for your help,

You need to check this thread where the beta version is available for testing.


As there is very little feedback coming from anyone else, it would be great if you could download it and provide some feedback, especially if you can test on Android.