Scheduler for WP - How to and buy ?

Dear team

I am evaluating Scheduler for WP before i can buy it for room booking.

1- Can we manage multi-resources with the WP plug-in ?
show in one page 5 rooms calendar for a given day
2- Can we add a radio button in a WP meeting invite?
video projector

3- Assuming visitors are authenticated - can we have the following access rights
visitor See available/busy timeslots but don’t see who has booked the timeslots
Can add a meeting to any available timeslots
Can only edit their own event ( the one they have created)

4- Send an email
Can we list all participants and send an email once the meeting invite is completed.


Scheduler for WP is distributed under GPL-lisence so you don’t have to buy it.

  1. Units view may be usefull for this: you have to create custom field with type “select” with options “Room 1”, “Room 2”, “Room 3” etc and check “Unit view”.

  2. If you mean to show radio option during creating event then custom field with type ‘radio’ is not available, but it’s possible to customize code and enable using it.

  3. It’s possible to use Private extended mode (Access rights panel) which provides ability to view all events, but to edit only your own. Also possible to customize code and provide some placeholder like “Reserved time” to deny seeing details about other events.

  4. Meeting is an event? Please, describe more in details logic of rooms/meetings according scheduler views and events. Scheduler plugin doesn’t provide ability to send emails but I guess it may be implemented too.