scheduler Helper issue

Hi ,
i’m trying to parse the rec_type to get the events on the server side however i’m having a few problems.
I created a recurring event the rec_type is day_1___#5 when i do count() i get 6 ?
the second issue is when i delete one elements of the series the count doesn’t change !

what i’am missing ?

the code i used
use DHTMLX_Scheduler\Helper;

$helper = new Helper(
“dbsm” => “mysql”,
“host” => “localhost”,
“db_name” => “schedulerDB”,
“user” => “root”,
“password” => “”,
“table_name” => “disponibilite”
$helper->setFieldsNames(array( helper::FLD_ID => “dispo_id” ));
$events = $helper->getData(“2015-06-01 00:00:00”, “2015-06-28 23:59:59”);
echo count($events);

please check the image i joined.
Thank You.

link to the helper i used