Scheduler Highlight Current Event

Is there a way to highlight the current selected event by giving it a different color? When the lightbox is displayed it is difficult to tell which event in the calendar has been selected.

Thank you.

You can use a code similar to the next

.custom_selected, .custom_selected div{
background-color:red !important;

r.className+=" custom_selected";
return true;

return true;

But is there also any way to automaticly highlight the CURRENT event?
Mean, the event takes place right now, at this minute?

Can be done through templates

.current_event, .current_event div{
background-color:red !important;

if (start < (new Date()) && end > (new Date())) //current event
return “current_event”; //set special css class for it

Great Support over here !
Will have try… THX