Scheduler "horizontal grouping" view?


Is it possible to get a scheduler “horizontal grouping” view?

Such as in this example: … horizontal

i.e. this would give a “weekly view” for each “section” (or resource)

This view is very useful to compare weeks for different sections/resources/units.


p.s: is there some way to build it / extend it if its not already available?

Check the next article … tepexample

You can use the same approach to show 14-days (2-weeks) view.

Thans @Stanislav,

Do you think we can reach something that resembles the link I shared (i.e. … horizontal)

Note that they have the “resources”/“sections” for Meeting Room1, Meeting Room2 in the example.

Is that possible using custom views? Any example on how to accomplish that?


sorry, but I think there is no build-in methods to get a such view displaying a week for each of resources.