Scheduler, how to add recurring events JavaScript

I’d like to add this event to my calendar

let eventID = scheduler.addEvent({ start_date: "2018-03-03 10:00:00", end_date: "2018-03-10 11:00:00", text: "words", details: "", rec_type: "week_1___1,2", });

However, when I run through that part of my code I get an error in dhtmlxscheduler.js

`Cannot read property 'valueOf' of undefined` . What’s the proper way to add an event as recurring. I’ve added the dependency js file for recurring events and specified the following in my init

 [code]   scheduler.config.details_on_create=true;
    scheduler.config.include_end_by = true;
    scheduler.config.repeat_precise = true;        
    var today = new Date();	
    scheduler.init('scheduler_here',today, "week");	[/code]


If you use addEvent for recurring events, please set Date type for dates: