Scheduler in Joomla?


Is it possible to use the scheduler I can download from this site in my Joomla?

I have used joomla_com_scheduler which should be from the same development and I LOVE IT, but it crashes very often and I have to reinstall.

I can see that the joomlaversion is 1.5 and the one I can get here is 2.3 so I think…???

Sorry for my bad english, but I hope you understand :wink:

Mia J

Latest version of Joomla’s plugin must not have problem with configuration crashes. …

As for standalone scheduler - it can be installed separately, and included in the Joomla through iframe. ( some knowledge of php is required to configure data loading )

is there a “how to” for this?

For standalone scheduler init you can follow … ialization … #connector

There is no “how-to” about including iframe in joomla’s page, but I think it must be described somewhere in Joomla’s docs.

I think it may help you for joomla.