[Scheduler] Independent start, end times for sections

After going through the DHTMX Scheduler documentation and consulting the product team, I found that we don’t have the possibility of setting different start and end times for different sections for the same (multi-section) event. This is very similar to multisection_shift_all (= false) where, in the timeline view, sections’ events can be dragged independent of other sections’ events for the same multi-section event. Events can be dragged vertically independent of each other. Example screencast here [1].

Can we drag the events (increase the end time, for example) for each section of a multi-section event independently?

P.S. - Please let me know if this is already possible.

[1] screencast.com/t/iv3EvX3d5hwR


The mutlisection event has the same time in all sections, it is by design.
If you need to change start and end time in each section, you need to have multiple events, each of which will have its own section id assigned.