Scheduler installed but no calendar visible

I installed Scheduler successfully, created a menu item to the default layout and when I test it, the page is blank. No calendar, nothing just a blank page. I am to see my other Joomla menu items and selections but no calendar? Any ideas?

Joomla 1.5.15


I installed Scheduler successfully, created a menu item to the default layout
So far there was no reports about similar problem. Please try to enable debug in Components|Scheduler|Debug mode and navigate to the scheduler’s page again.
Also, which theme you are using in joomla?

I was able to get it to work on another joomla site.  The difference being the 2nd site has a different joomla template (ja_purity) and the first one is using a template created by  I will try to change that template to another one tomorrow morning, and I will see if “scheduler” appears.  thanks for the reply.

I had the same issue. I used a Themza template and the calendar link just shows a blank page. No calendar. I changed the template to Purity II and the calendar shows up. I want to use the Themza template, but can’t see the calendar with this template.

I turned on Debug mode and can’t even see the debug info on the front-end calendar page.

Does anyone have a fix for this?

I used a Themza template
Is this template freely available?
If yes - please provide a link where it can be downloaded ( so we will be able to check problem )

Or provide a link on demo page, where issue can be reconstructed.

Yes it is a free template. The template is “themza_j15_38” available here; … 2010/02/12




<?php echo $this->scheduler; ?>



<?php echo $this->scheduler; ?>

where 600px can be replaced with any custom width and height

I’m having the same problem. I installed the scheduler, then i have configured the scheduler. When i’m choosing scheduler as menu element it doesn’t show the menutype as scheduler - it comes blank.
Then in the front end i get a blank page and when i want editing something in the backend it shows also a blank page.
I’m using the “jj_absolute_redux” Template.
Link: … redux.html
The download link is at the end of the page.