Scheduler into resizible div not resize

Hi to all,
i’m using a scheduler inside a div in a page.
The page is loaded inside a ui-view.
With css there is the possibility to expand or collapse the left menù.
When the menu change his widht (and ui-view change width) the calendar doesn’t resize.

How can i force the calendar’s resize on the resize of the div container?

Another question, in monthly view the event’s position are incorrect? how can i solve

thank you very much

try invoking redraw of the calendar by calling scheduler.setCurrentView without arguments:

scheduler.setCurrentView(); … tview.html

Hi Aliaksandr ,

thanks for the answer.
Where/when i should use scheduler.setCurrentView();??

The div that contain the scheduler, don’t fire the onResize event, and i don’t know how can i do.

thanks a lot


You need redraw Scheduler when menu has changed his widht.