scheduler light-box buttons

I have been trying out your scheduler and would like to use it for displaying read-only info. I know you have added the readonly parameter, but that seems to completely turn off the detail box and I need the details because they won’t fit on the calendar screen. I looked over your documentation on making changes to the detail screen but it doesn’t seem to address the buttons. Is there a way to turn off the Save and Delete buttons on the detail screen? I have been looking through the code to see if I could figure it out, but have not yet so far.


Charlie R Chisholm

Template of details form defined as



You can redefine it in necessary way, for example you can add the next line before scheduler.init


and add the next css rule to the page


Alternative solution, for readonly details form, would be redefining of render method of textarea ( or any other section )

var height=(sns.height||“130”)+“px”;
return “
<textarea readonly=‘true’>