scheduler lightbox replacement

I’m trying to replace the lightbox of scheduler with a already developed kendo UI popup. How to change it?
(hint :I use mvc 3 with razor code)


You need to

  • replace default showLightbox method with custom one
  • call scheduler.startLightbox(id, null); and show cutstom lightbox after it
  • when closing custom popup, call scheduler.endLightbox(true, null);

what do you mean by this path

Sorry, I have missed that you are usin .Net version.

That was related to the one of sample in dhtmlxscheduler’s package …
.Net scheduler expose the same js api, so if you are using javascript library for the the client side ui - it can be linked through js code.

In case of .Net - check … a_lightbox

please clear these doubts too
1)is this a default setting that only lightbox can appear after doubleclicking the scheduler?
I want to make another ui window to appear after doubleclickin scheduler,
I can understand to customize lightbox,
but how to replace the doubleclickevent in scheduler to place other control?(say a dhtmlx window)

Because even if I din’t initialize the lightbox, scheduler popsup the lightbox with its default options.
2)where does lightbox popup after the doubleclickevnt(i.e the initial point) actually lies in the this mvc example … orial.aspx

1)is this a default setting that only lightbox can appear after doubleclicking the scheduler?
By default lightbox appears after double-clickng.

  • You can selectively enable or disalbe lightbox apearing for click and dblclick actions.
  • You can replace lightbox with any custom form.
  • or You can show custom form from one of scheduler’s event ( click, dblclick, custom button, etc. )

If you want to use custom js-based lightbox, you can redefin js code of scheduler to do so

//client side code scheduler.showLightbox = function(id){ //show custom lighbox here }

There is no ready to use integration with dhtmlxWindow as lightbox, but it can be done through public JS api of both - scheduler and window.

  1. html code of lighbox is generated by js code, so you can’t access it directly in aspx code

I use mvc 3 and I included two folders under scripts folder.
“dhtmlxScheduler” and “dhtmlxScheduler_debug”
What are the difference between them?
both folders have same files in them.
So which folder should i edit to add a new control i.e cshtml file( instead of lightbox.Pls see below code) on doubleclicking the scheduler.

I have this index.cshtml design file that has to appear after doubleclicking the scheduler.
.Title(“Rams’s Ten Principles of Good Design”)
.LoadContentFrom(“index”, “controller”)

:cry: please help.

I dont get you.I can understand to customize lightbox,
what should i do to replace the lightbox totally with a thirdparty UI,?
Say i need to replace with kendoWindow on double clicking scheduler ?
this is cshtmlfile,
I have basicSchedulercontroller.cs
public ActionResult Index()

        var scheduler = new DHXScheduler(this); //initializes dhtmlxScheduler
        scheduler.LoadData = true;
        scheduler.EnableDataprocessor = true;
        scheduler.Skin = DHXScheduler.Skins.Terrace;
        scheduler.Config.xml_date = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%i";
        scheduler.Highlighter.Enable("highlight_section", 30);
        scheduler.Config.start_on_monday = true;
        scheduler.Config.hour_size_px = 42;
        scheduler.Config.first_hour = 0;
        scheduler.Config.last_hour = 24;
        scheduler.Config.separate_short_events = true;
        scheduler.Config.mark_now = false;
        scheduler.XY.bar_height = 76;
        scheduler.Config.time_step = 10;
        var mCalender = new MiniCalendar("container_id");
        mCalender.Navigation = true;
        scheduler.Data.DataProcessor.UpdateFieldsAfterSave = true;
        scheduler.Config.cascade_event_margin = 30;
        return View(scheduler);

this is my another index.cshtml file


You may override client side scheduler.showLightbox and scheduler.hideLightbox functions.
Something like following,
please note that this is not a complete code, it just showing how you can replace native lightbox with custom one:

public virtual ActionResult Index(){ var sched = new DHXScheduler(this); sched.BeforeInit.Add("configure()");

@Html.Raw(Model.Render())[/code]Model is an instance of DHXScheduler