Scheduler Live view ?

I have a problem and would be really happy if someone has a solution.

I am working from 2 computers (in real it’s many more) on the scheduler. If person 1 make a change it is important that person 2 see that change on his computer directly. How can i realize that? I know that possibility from some network tools. Is there a way?

Thank you

You could run a periodic function that checks for new events from the server and updates the calendar with multi source enabled.


Alternatively, try something like Google’s channel API (not sure of any alternatives but this is real time)


baskshishi speaks the truth.

Though you don’t need Google API, just search for (oh irony) “javascript socket connection”.

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You maybe have an example of that kind of function? Is this really complicated?
How is it with performance and security instead of this type of live view?

Thank you

Its pretty simple on client side, and doesn’t provide any serious performance penalty. But you will need to use some special server side software ( nodejs, tornado, jetty, etc.) - normal servers, like Apache, IIS, Tomcat - are no good for constant socket connections.