Scheduler.load() after scheduler.parse() not working



scheduler.load() and scheduler.parse() alone working fine but i have the following scenario:

I initialise scheduler and get data with scheduler.load() after that i add somtimes new events with scheduler.parse(). That still works.

Then i need to change the serverProcessor and load new data again with scheduler.load()
Because i want data from another user and change the site with ajax.
But the scheduler is empty.

If i do not use scheduler.parse() before, then the events are there.

So why scheduler.load() is no longer working after i used scheduler.parse().
By the way, no errors seen in console.

Is it a bug?

I hope someone could help me here.

My Version: dhtmlxScheduler v.5.0.0 Professional


Hello @IFM ,

I tried to reproduce the described issue, but both parse and load methods work correctly:

It’s hard to suggest what exactly goes wrong in your case without more details, or some demo that I will be able to run locally and reproduce the issue.

As for troubleshooting steps, you can check out if events are correctly loaded with the onEventLoading event:
in order to check if the second load call loads events correctly.

You also can check out the following guide on troubleshooting backend issues:

If it won’t help, could you please provide step by step guide on how to reproduce the issue, or reproduce it on your own in our snippet tool:


Thanks for you reply.

I came to the idea that the problem could be the format.
And yes this is the problem.

I scheduler.load() with default format “xml” after that i parse with set “json” format and it seems that the scheduler save the format because the next scheduler.load() with default format “xml” won’t work without failure. But if i use scheduler.load() second with format set to xml it works again.

so scheduler use if not set always the last used import format not the default.