Scheduler Load Cache Issue?


I am loading the event using the below code snippet.

The event is loaded (for the logged in user) as shown in Initial_Load.JPG(Please refer to the image in zip file)

We have a custom tab called “Person”. On clicking the Peron tab I will retrieve the event for the users on a particular day(by default today).

Code snippet:

scheduler.attachEvent(“onViewChange”, function(mode, startDate) { //function for changing the view

   scheduler.load("<%=request.getContextPath()%>/simpleServlet?uid="+ scheduler.uid());

The event is loaded as shown in Person_Tab.JPG(Please refer to the image in zip file)

When I click “Week” tab again the above code snippet is getting called, but even before it hits the servlet, the event is getting loaded as shown in Week_Tab_Again.JPG image.
Here the event “iniat” of another user is getting loaded as part of logged in user.

I don’t know whether it is because of cache issue. Even I have changed scheduler.uid() to new Date().getTime() but the result is same.
Can you please help me to resolve this issue. (87.9 KB)


can anyone help me on this issue.

It looks like you need to clear the event list and then load the events for the new person. Otherwise, it is going to add the events of each new person to those previously loaded.

Try adding


to your load function. (Something similar works in the mobile version.)

Good luck!

Hi Ram,

Thanks for your suggestion.
It works fine.