Scheduler.load in REST mode disregards some events


I’m using a scheduler set up like this:
scheduler.config.prevent_cache = true;
scheduler.config.show_loading = true;
scheduler.load("@Model.GetDataUrl", “json”);

I’m receiving a JSON array from the REST service, which looks like this (shortened):
“id”: 3201,
“text”: “undefined”,
“start_date”: “2015-11-01 09:15”,
“end_date”: “2015-11-01 09:30”,
“userId”: “”,
“AgendaId”: 11,
“PracticeEventStatus”: 1,
“Practice”: null,
“tid”: 3201,
“ResourceId”: 11,
“Fullname”: null
“id”: 2147483645,
“text”: “”,
“start_date”: “2015-11-01 01:15”,
“end_date”: “2015-11-01 09:14”,
“userId”: “”,
“AgendaId”: 11,
“PracticeEventStatus”: 3,
“Practice”: null,
“tid”: 2147483645,
“ResourceId”: 11,
“Fullname”: null

It seems that the events with high numbers (such as the 2nd) are not taken into account. Is this by design, or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,

I found the problem, it has nothing to do with the large IDs.

In my collection some of the events got the SAME ID, which makes the scheduler all the events with the same ID, except for the first one.

So problem solved!

Hello Gaston,

I had a clarification. Even in my case, I have some events with the same id. So the scheduler displays just one of it and does not display the rest of the events which has the same id as the first one. So what can I do/did you do for the rest of the events to display on the scheduler? Please reply.