Scheduler loading bar

I have not yet been able to get the scheduler loading bar to display, even though I have:


Anyone else had this?

The image exists, etc.

This is where it exists in code, do I have to do anything else to enable this?


if (this.config.show_loading===true){
	var t;
	t.className='dhx_loading'; = Math.round((this._x-128)/2)+"px"; = Math.round((this._y-15)/2)+"px";

var t;
if (t=this.config.show_loading)
if (typeof t == “object”){

Many thanks as always.

Normally, you must not do anything else, except of settings flag in the configuration
Are you use default folder structure?

Also, beware that loading from local system is quite fast, to see the loading image you need to load test page from some remote server ( where connection is a bit slower )

Yes, default folder structure.

Yes, local system.

I am drawing the grid, then using my own custom AJAX event to then add events. I am not sure at what point the loading bar should appear?

Loading bar appears during scheduler.load operations ( starting from command call, and until data loaded from a remote source )