Scheduler loading data dynamically

Hello there,

So I read about this page mentioning that data can be loaded on demand for the scheduler with Dynamic Loading. … micloading

I was pretty excited and was trying this out. But somehow, when I have 2 data sources, this is not working for me. Only the first data source gets loaded, and the second call simply was ignored.

Here is my code.

scheduler.load(site_url + '/booker/api/availabilities?format=json', 'json');
scheduler.load(site_url+'/booker/api/bookings?format=json', 'json');

If I comment out the first line, it loads no problem, but of course, without the “dynamic loading” feature.

I have also tried to put the 2 loads together by sticking them into an array like this:

scheduler.load([url1, url2], 'json');

but, no luck. Not even one data source loads.

Could I be doing something wrong here?

Any help would be appreciated.



To use the second syntax you need to use multisource extension … plesources