Scheduler Loading issue

Hi there,

I am using java script base scheduler and I am facing loading speed issue in my scheduler.

Not all but some client are complaining about scheduler is very slow and showing keep loading for a while. and those client has heavy load of events on scheduler. I think that is making a problem.

I appreciate your help to solve this problem for all user does not matter how heavy load they have.
Some time they face problem of moving event automatically by itself in scheduler when user move mouse around without selecting an event.

I got so surprised when I got this issue from client.
Please help me.


your clients could be experiencing performance issues because of outdated computers. if you have access to their machines you could check the memory usage and such.

also, if you use the auto-update node.js, make sure that it is functional. i have had many slow downs caused by the node.js being off/crashed.

you can enable ‘dynamic loading’ mode, and load not the entire events table, but only events that must be shown to the user. See the related article: … micloading

You can also show some ‘ajax-loading’ gif while loading is in progress. Obviously, it won’t affect the loading time, but showing the progress might make loading time less noticeable.

scheduler.config.show_loading = true;

Image can be altered with dhx_loading css class:

.dhx_loading{ background-image: url("imgs/ajax-loader.gif"); background-repeat: no-repeat; width: 55px;/*new image size*/ height: 55px; }