Scheduler locks up in Wordpress

I am pleased with the scheduler for WP and it is practically perfect in my eyes so far. However, I tried to add a custom field and now it will not let me change anything in the settings page such as “Settings”, “Access Rights”, etc. It always open directly to “Custom Fields” tab and has the yellow progress bar showing movement, like it is updating something, but it never completes that task.

The calendar seems to be working except the widget will not update the page to correct month for event clicked on, although I can navigate on the calendar anywhere I wish.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling twice with no effect. Once I reinstall and go to try to change some setting or delete the custom field I tried to create, there is no response from the Scheduler plugin admin page.



Updated version of plugin just was released - try to update plugin and use “reset default” buttons on scheduler’s settings page if error still appears. … …