Scheduler map double click

I need to completely use my own edition UI for events, so I supressed the double-click creation (with scheduler.config.dblclick_create = false) and simply use a button in a toolbar to create a new event; also I overrided the function showLightBox with my own code. All of this works fine, but now my requirements have changed: the boss said that double-clicking the scheduler must start edition of event with the right day/hour clicked. But still I need to use my own UI elements to do this, so what I really need is beign informed of double-click action (with date/hour clicked) and so I can start my own edition.

Is this possible? Please, help me…

Thx in advance.

The double-clicking will fire showLightBox - so, in simplest case you can just enable dblclicking and details_on_dblclick, the component will call showLightBox and will use your custom UI.

The second use-case - you can redefine scheduler.addEventNow method - it is called exactly from double_click and contains next parameter
- start date ( based on click position )
- end date ( will be empty for dbl-click )
- native DOM event