Scheduler Mobile Custom details

Hi all,

I’ve been reading through a lot of forum posts and help guides and could not find the answer (unless the answer is you cannot) so I apologise if this is a re-asked question.

I am using the dhxscheduler_mobile plugin as a standalone for a front end for a web enabled version of an existing program. I am able to load it with the information I want to see in the month, day, and list views along with custom information saved within the events not being shown.

When I click on an event and it goes to the view screen, it defaully shows the text as the title, the start and end date/times and the details as notes. I would like to change the information shown here and add some of my custom fields as well as well as modify the titles to match up with what would be seen in our existing system.

Is this possible without having the user click on a new custom button such as in the samples for 01_basic, 11_custom_view?


you can define using templates the information you want to display on the event title or body. For each view. What view do you use ? … plate.html … plate.html

In case of mobile scheduler you can use selected_event template to define a custom content for enent-info screen … cted_event

and of course you can redefine the inputs in the details form … etailsform

Thanks all. Those were what I was looking at but I guess I am not a good enough HTML programmer to understand those. I ended up finding another tutorial here: … bile-15849

and that helped me understand those pages.