Scheduler Month View onCellClick

Hi am using the scheduler for our company calendar, I would like to be able to click on a cell in month view and update a div outside of the scheduler. Something like:

scheduler.attachEvent("onCellClick", function (x_ind, y_ind, x_val, y_val, e){
		document.getElementById('eventData').innerHTML = "<p>HI</p>";

Where “HI” would be actual event information from the clicked cell. For those who don’t know “onCellClick” only works in timeline view and not in month view. If there is a way to get information from a clicked cell, please let me know. And if there isn’t could someone be so kind as to give a few pointers in the right direction to hack it so it is possible.

onCellClick is defined only for the timeline view.
Try using onEmptyClick event, check the example … event.html