Scheduler month view rendering with scrollbar

First off, fantastic javascript library, very impressed.

I’m running into a small issue with the month view. I’m trying to get the scheduler working inside a page, it can’t be full screen. The day view and the week view are working correctly, but the month view doesn’t seem to be working properly. I have some extra margin on the top, which causes there to be a scroll bar which then causes the month day widths to be all a bit off.

I’ve attached a screen shot. … 3%20PM.png



Do you have any padding or margins on scheduler’s container?

The immediate container does not have anything.

Here is my dom:

<div id=“content”>
  <div style=‘width:100%; height:600px;’>
    <div id=“scheduler_hereclass=“dhx_cal_containerstyle=‘width:100%; height:100%;’>

Css Class for content:

float: left;
: 1.1em;
: 40px 0px;
: 100%;

I tried adding 0 margin’s to the immediate parent.  Removing the margins on the content div didn’t make any difference either.


Did some more digging, found it!


Hi Tyz von Gaza,

how did you achieve the bugfix ? :question:

I have the same problem but I found no workaround… :cry:


Probably it is some kind of css conflict - try to remove custom stylesheet(s) from the page.

Hi Stanislav,

that was also the point I am searching at …

I used the following css line:

#scheduler_here table * { padding: 0px; }

With this line the scrolbar disappeared but i have a lot (about 8px lightblue border) at the bottom of the calendar div. A lot more than in the other homepage where I use the scheduler ( ).

See also =
There is the blue border or space at the bottom.

Any ideas ?

kind regards

You have the next style , which alters height of month cell


div .dhx_month_head { padding-right: 5px; padding-top: 1px; padding-left:0px; padding-bottom:-1px;}

adding one more px of vertical padding will resolve the problem ( also you will need to remove extra borders from table in the scheduler, to remove unnecessary scroll )