Scheduler neither saving nor updating events in IE9

I’ve noticed that, when using IE9, the scheduler is acting strangely.
When I add / edit an event and refresh the page subsequently, the newly added events are not showed. But if I restart the browser (or visit the scheduler with any other [decent] browser) I can see the events I’ve just created / modified.

Is this a known bug? Or merely a problem of mine?


(I’m using ASP.NET MVC3 but not the new language-oriented version of the scheduler).


What version are you using?
There were no such reports, if this issue is reproducible and you can give us access to your site - we could check what’s happening and fix it.

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most likely that browser caches the data request,
try adding the following config

scheduler.config.prevent_cache = true;

Aliaksandr you’re a freaking genius.

Ty it totally solved my problems.

I am having the similar issue in IE9 and I set scheduler.config.prevent_cache = true; but this does not resolve the issue. I am using ASP.NET.

The event is not updated on the calendar as soon as I press save button while using IE9 and it is not shown there until I close the browser and start again.

Would you please help?

Hi siemich,
can you post scheduler initialization code here?