Basically i’m a student, and i’m using the scheduler for my final course project.

I have an SQL table c_disp_forms with the required fields and two more, that correspond to foreign keys.

Basically when i filter on page load with a rule on day view (filtering by those two foreign keys), it does indeed show the info I want to see, but when I insert a new event, I have to reload the page to have the event show up : (.

This is key to my project and it’s giving me a ton of headaches. I tried context.response.redirect(“pagename.aspx”) at the end of processrequest method, but all i get is an error. Is the only way to get arround this to tell the user to reload the page?

Thanks in advance for your help. I’ll gladly post the code, if required.


if you post a complete project which I can run locally - it will greatly speed things up.

I have to reload the page to have the event show up :

I can see no image nor attachment if there should be one.

As for the question, if you want to reload the page each time users create a new event in the scheduler, you can do it with a client-side handler.

Here is a complete demo
pls see code file at /Scripts/dhtmlxscheduler-config.js
and how it’s added to scheduler in Calendar.aspx.cs


Hello, thank you fo your reply!

I’ll upload the project i’m using in this post.!hk5TGYYS!aNxqev10yoOzMxp3F5iUlYAvKif3I-XTTd3Dfv7rIYU

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:


can’t unpack the project, windows tells the file is corrupted.
If you’re going to re-upload it - please delete the contents of bin, obj and packages folders, they can be restored by visual studio. It will make the whole archive much smaller and faster to upload.

Also, please check the package I’ve sent you in my previous reply. Does it help?


Hello and thank you for your reply! I’ll reupload the solution i’m using right now.

About the package you sent, i tried to replicate it in my own project but it did not work unfortunately :frowning: In your project it does work though, so i’m probably doing something wrong.

Another question:
Are the values inside LightBoxSelect objects acessible via c# code? I can’t seem to figure out a way to get it to work, and it’s pretty much the last thing i’m missing in my project.

Many thanks



I’m afraid there is something wrong with the download link