Scheduler .NET with SignalR

Hi I am evaluting Scheduler .NET with SignalR and I feel I can use it. Howver the samples I downloaded for Scheduler .NET with SignalR on don’t seem to implement the repeat events as others do. Am I missing something. Need the scheduler to implement repeating events as well as SignalR functionality. Thanks

the current SignalR demo works was built without using recurring events. I’ll check, probably we can extend that sample in the nearest time

@Aliaksandr Thanks for the response. Hope you roll it out soonest. Also is there a Sample which implements recurring events in ASP.Net which is not an MVC app. We are looking at adding a diarysnc functionality but the project is a SPA non-mvc. I think I will be able to extend the Sample to use SignalR on my own but the recurring events we need from you. Thanks

here is the sample (322 KB)