Scheduler Not Releasing After Edit

I’m using my own custom Lightbox by overriding the showLightbox method.

When creating a new event I call scheduler._edit_stop_event(evt,true); and the scheduler releases the edit mode normally. When I do this for an existing event the event edit mode doens’t seem to be released correctly. The event is still selected in the scheduler and the information displayed in the event text is not updated or the event doesn’t move into the correct unit view.

Is there something else I need to call when updating an event?


You may need to call


which will force repainting of the event.

I’ve tried that, and unselecting the event.

The update event is called but the item text doesn’t update till I move the event manually with the cursor.

This only seems to happen when i’m editing the event via my custom lightbox, drag and dropping the event works fine.

Any ideas?

There is one more thing , which you can try to add before updateEvent call

scheduler.getEvent(id)._timed = scheduler.is_one_day_event();