Scheduler not responding

Hello there,

I have recently encountered what seems to be an error with the Scheduler. Up until recently, the Scheduler has worked fine. Now, whenever I try to add a new event, the browser locks up and becomes unresponsive. Has anybody else had this problem? Will send any source code if needs be.

Many thanks

it’s hard to say what went wrong without a demo. Could you give us more details (console information, local sample) about this issue?

Hi again,

I may have discovered the problem:

scheduler.ignore_week = function(date){
if (date.getDay() == 6 || date.getDay() == 0)
return true;

scheduler.ignore_month = function(date){
if (date.getDay() == 6 || date.getDay() == 0)
return true;

In my code, I use the ignore_week/ignore_month function to hide weekends from our users. I have removed both pieces of code and now everything is working fine. I am confused as this was working for about a week or so…

Do you have any errors in the console, or the page just freezes ?

What is you timezone ?

We can’t reconstruct the issue locally. It may be related to DST time shifting in your timezone.

No errors appear in the console from what I can see, it just freezes and doesn’t come back.

My time zone is Greenwich Time/UK if thats any help?

Please try the fix from this topic:

Magic! Works like a treat :slight_smile: thanks very much

You are welcome!