Scheduler not working in IE11 - Windows 8.1?


While looking at the dhtmlxScheduler samples I noticed that the control isn’t fully operational in IE11 in Windows 8.1. Please look at the folowing sample: … asic.shtml

In it, I’m unable to drag & drop appointments or create new ones using drag technique (nothing happends). It works fine in all the other browsers, it also works fine in IE11 Windows 7.

Is this a known issue? Can anyone confirm that? Thanks.

Scheduler behaves correctly on Win 8.1 desktop for sure.

On which device the issue occurs for you? Are you using mouse or touch actions for the problematic scenario?

actually i m having same problem (surface pro windows 8 ie 11)
if i tap on screen lightbox pops up but if I drag/click using mouse on scheduler lighbox doesn’t pop up… but it works fine on chrome…

I’m using a mouse, on a Dell laptop. If I double-click the white area a “New event” is made but I’m unable to expand it (on the bottom clicking an “=====” icon) because it then disappears. That’s it. I can’t create anything or move any of the existing events. It all works fine in all the other browsers.


is there any update on this?

This is a bit old, but I’m having the same issues with DHTMLXScheduler v. 4.3.1…

I cannot drag&drop events in IE11…

Is there a workaround?