Scheduler onExternalDragIn event with dhx.List


I am using scheduler 5.3.9 and dhx.List. I’m trying to drag list item to scheduler.

I have set scheduler.config.drag_create = true;
List integration is as follow,
var list = new dhx.List(“list_container”, {
css: “dhx_widget–bordered”,
template: template,
data: data,
dragMode: “source”

But scheduler’ onExternalDragIn event is not fire.Is it possible to make scheduler external dragNdrop with dhx.List and how to get current drop listitem via onExternalDragIn Event?


Hello @bc_xoe,

Unfortunately, currently, the scheduler supports only Suite v5.x drag integrations. You can find examples of this integration by the scheduler_package/samples/10_integration/02_dhtmlxtree_outer_drag.html path.
The integration with v6 stays in plans, but unfortunately, I can’t give you any ETA on this.

Here is the workable example with the Suite v5 list + scheduler:

Place these files to the scheduler_package/samples/10_integration folder to check how it works.

Best regards,


Hello Siarhei,
Thanks for your reply, where can I download the Suite v5 that support drag integrations. If possible pls drop the download link.


You may try to request a trial sending an email to


@sematik is support for Suite v7 drag integrations on the Scheduler product roadmap?