Scheduler onSave success event

Is there a way to know when an event has been saved successfully? Like onSaveError but when there is no error. I´m using onEventSave but is fired right before the update call. I need something that is fired after a successfull call.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I´ve come across

scheduler.attachEvent(“onEventIdChange”, function(old_id,new_id){
//any custom logic here

but for some reason it is not being fired. Any clues?


It depends on what you use for the server side integration.

For example, if you use DataProcessor, there is onAfterUpdate event that fires after receiving and processing server side response.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I found onAfterUpdate and although I cannot get the inserted ID, it works for what I need. I´m using raw php and the response to the post is just the inserted ID. Is there a different response that would work with onEventIdChange?