scheduler pdf printing based on blog, and ext_active_link

Two comments:

  1. If I use

to link the day to the day view, the date fails to print on the pdf view using the code on the blog. When I delete this, the days are then seen. Is there a way to fix this?

  1. If I customize the month view using:
.dhx_cal_event_clear{ /* determine number of lines of text to show in month view */ height:39px; white-space:normal; } The 3 lines of text I can see on the webpage do not come out on the pdf document: Only the first line is seen. Is there a way to view this correctly on the pdf?

Unfortunately both features can’t be achieved with current version.
As for non-printable links - it will be fixed in the next update for sure.
Custom height of event’s is more complex matter, we will check is it can be implemented.

Is there any way to wrap the text to output the more of the text associated with the event, or to have the date and the text on separate lines so more can be included?

Currently, in PDF, text mimics default behavior of client side - show all as a single line, so there is no any way to achieve multiline formatting.