Scheduler recurring events bug??


If i double click on a date in May, and add a recurring event, for say 10 times. The add works fine. But if i click on a date in May, change the month within the scheduler to say, January and create a recurring event for 10 times, it will take the date that i double clicked on (May) and recur on that date.

Any help would be appreciated


An update on this “bug”.

I have found with all recurring events this does not work.

If i click on a date 16 May, change the start date to 1 March and end date to 1 March with the given times. I make this recurring on a weekly basis for say Monday and Wednesday.

The recurring is only effective from the drill in date (16 May) and not from my start date which was 1 March.

what works : if i drill in on 1 March and make recurring then this system works fine. As long as I do not change my start date from the date that i drill in.

Please advice on how to go forward.