Scheduler rendering problem with HTML 4.01 Transitional doct


I’ve got your Scheduler plugged into an IBM Lotus Domino 7.02 database and it seems to work rather well. However for some reason I can only get it to work in Quirks mode.

As soon as I add the doctype definition ( the one my version of domino supports )

the schedulers dhx_cal_data div collapses to a hieight of 0px and I can’t see any events. Only the two nav bars at the top. If I manually use firebug in the browser to change the height of the div I can see all my data fine.

Does the scheduler not support this doctype? or am I doing something wrong.

How is the size of scheduler’s container is defined in your case?
It possible that size definition is not correct for such doctype which cause scheduler collapsing.

The scheduler must work with any full doctype. In local samples usage of loose doctype doesn’t cause any issues.