Scheduler Save

Hi again, I try to create a event in days after 12 and the changedEvent submit a datetime 01/01/1001 to my database.

this is my setup from xml

scheduler.config.xml_date = "%m-%d-%Y %H:%i";

my xml response, calendar and submit database in image.

Thanks you for your help

it may depend on how do you parse the Event values on the server-side.
If you use model binding, i.e. specifying action like following:

public ActionResult Save(Event changedEvent) The all values will be parsed using server culture settings. It means that if xml_date format does not match the format that is used in your current locale (if you run it locally) or on remote server - dates will be parsed incorrectly.

Try setting invariant culture to your app, to see if it changes anything: … balization
Or you can parse request dates manually