Scheduler scrolling issue

Hello, I am trying to use the Scheduler and looks great. I have a problem. I created a Cordova (Phonegap) application. I deployed to my Android device. The scheduler version is 4.3.1. The config is the following:
scheduler.config.first_hour = 0;
scheduler.config.last_hour = 24;
scheduler.config.time_step = 15;
I use only the Day View view.
When I swipe a new event and the scheduler is positioned at the top (0 am) it works. But if I scroll down, for example at 11 o’clock and try to create a new event from 12 to 15, the event is created just for 15 minutes and then the screen scrolls up. So it works when the screen can not scroll above (at 0 am) but doesn’t work when there is the possibility to scroll to an earlier time. I don’t know if my explanation is clear enough :frowning:
Thank you for the support.

As further investigation, I have seen that my app works perfectly on
Nexus 5 with Android 6
Samsung Tab 2 with Android 4.4.4

Doesn’t work with
Huawei P9 with Android 6
Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 5

I updated the library to the latest 4.4 …
Any idea?