Scheduler scrolltop prev button screen flash

I’m trying to use the scheduler

where a custom offset (the start of the day)

is used for a scrollTop after you click the prev/next buttons in week or day view

The code I’m adding is:


// the function as defined in scheduler.js


// my addition

scheduler._els[“dhx_cal_data”][0].scrollTop = 100;


where 100 is my defined scroll offset from the normal midnight

What happens (it does scroll correctly after the button is clicked)

is that there is a screen flash (especially visible in the hour scale (left side of scheduler))

where there is some white overlay based on the specified offset (100 in this case - flash is bigger if offset is bigger)

in the normal prev/next case it does not flash when the button is clicked

is there some other technique to set the scroll top after the prev/next button is clicked which

does not have this visual flash effect?

Please note that I have the scheduler inside a dhtmlxlayout (not sure if that is relevant).

If you need more info please contact me.

If you post a solution please include the /sources directory as I’m minifying my own scheduler.js

thank you!