Scheduler Setup and custom views


I’m brand n00b at using the dhtmlxScheduler and web-programs outside of wordpress theming (which I kind of learned on the fly :smiley: ). Is there a walkthrough anywhere online about implementation? I’m trying to add it as a feature for a project I’m volunteering on and can’t seem to get it to show up on the pages properly. I’m sure I’m just misconfiguring it somehow but I’m not entirely sure how to call all of the resources. Long story short, I’d just like a step by step walkthrough that’s a little more informative than the “Initialization” document in the documentation section.

Second bit is, I’d like to have some sort of option to toggle between Month/Week/Day on the top (as standard) but then on each of those views toggle calendar views on and off as check-marks (a la Google Calendars having multiple calendars). Is this a supported function? Or can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to achieve this?

Last question: Am I correct in my understanding that this will sync with a remote iCal? In a perfect world I’d like it to sync automagically with a remote calendar that is constantly updated.

The end result would be to incorporate this calendar with smartsheets and toggle on and off views of certain sheets on the one calendar page between views. I’m willing to do the coding to make this happen, just need a point in the right directions.

Thanks so much for any help in advance!

Here is scheduler wordpress plugin documentation page. … :wordpress

Unfortunately scheduler plugin doesn’t support view-toggles and iCal sync.