Scheduler size in IE

I’m using scheduler with twitter bootstrap.

Everything works fine in all browsers, except IE. I’ve attached the screen shots below. Even to get it to this stage, I had to comment out these lines

for the class dhx_cal_container, commented out the line “overflow:hidden;”
for the class dhx_cal_data, commented out the lines “overflow-y:auto;overflow-x:hidden;”

from the CSS file dhtmlxscheduler_dhx_terrace.css

I still can’t get it to work on IE fully. The right side is cut, the height of the individual cells is gone etc. Has anyone gone through the same situation and found a solution?

Also, the documentation says I need to add the correct doc type which I did. It doesn’t seem to any affect on IE, but it affects other browerss :frowning:

It doesn’t seem to any affect on IE, but it affects other browerss
Which doctype you are using?
Something like next

will work in IE and will not cause any effect in other browsers.

If you are target only latest IE9 and IE10 you can use html5 doctype

<!doctype html>

That didn’t have any affect on IE, but it affected the tables on Firefox :frowning:

I am using library too, will it clash with scheduler?

Is there anything else I could do, to get it working on IE?

if I remove the position:absolute for the class dhx_cal_data and set the height to 500px, I can see the full table. Of course, this messes up the placement of events within the table :frowning:

If issue still occurs - please provide a demo link or any kind of sample where issue can be reconstructed.